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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Football Is Not My Life

I don't know much about football but that isn't what this is about. Sometiems (mainly in the summer) people just don't want to do anything in their lives. You just wanny be lazy at some point. So you sit online...chatting to random people who you know and you just don't do your chores, or work, or anything else you need to do.
Its at that point in time when you realize "Football is not your whole life." Somethings aren't all you have in your life... school isn't your life, college isn't your life, adulthood isn't your life. From birth to death that is what your life is and anything in between just make up the person you will be when you are dead. Life isn't always a rollercoaster ride, sometimes it is a smooth car trip across the straightest street you have seen and then there are bumps and hills along the way and crazy rollercoaster rides but nothing will ever be the same as your life.

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