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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I had a dream it was about a nightmare

So last night I had a dream about pretty much....death. In the begining I was just hanging out with this guy and my two guy friend (whom had huge crushes on me), were jealous. Then when I came home after not speending time with my friends and family my mother told me that my dad was dying of some sort of disease. My father looked old and withered...he was definatly dying. I cried, I ran to my room and cried. When I awoke I was dead. I was walking around a field of nothingness. And then I saw all my friends...and a couple people who aren't my friends, and they had all died as well. As we walked through this nothingness we talked about all the things that were actually there. We went to the bathrooms and watched this random boy play video games. Then I realized I still had my phone with me, so I watched the videos and looked at the pictures of all the best memories of my life. It showed me that there are always so many things that you bring through your life and some even through death. It was a sad yet peaceful dream knowing that even when you are dead you will be remembered.

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