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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

YAY.... For Crying To Sleep

Tears are something we all have to go through. People and things dying and losing the ones we love, its really hard to get over. When you think about those things you've lost and maybe a sad song comes on or just any song, you may just start crying. Its hard to stop crying sometimes and well thats how life works.
Gears just turn and turn and when some stop working and just turn off it makes life difficult to handle. Not all of us can be mechanics and engineers of our own lives but some times we are forced to be.
Tears are the only thing we have, sometimes, that tells us we are actually alive and this isn't a dream. Cause if it was just a dream... life would really be as enjoyable as it can be sometimes.
So let the tears fall cause it proves you actually exist.

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