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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Text Message.... Face Up???

I have been waiting for today since Friday at 3:00. I have been timing down the hours and minutes till today and finally it is here. My best guy friend Mark had asked me out on Friday and I had no clue what to say at the time, but right when I got home on Friday I knew that I wanted to go out with him. I couldn't wait till today as I said and when it finally got here I could barely breath. I had to take so many deep breaths and it was almost to the point that it was terrifying. Everyone knew what I was going to say to Mark except Mark and it was nerve racking. I couldn't speak at all so I typed it up in a text message and showed Mark what it said. All he did was say yay and it turned into a small party of eeps and picture taking. My friends were all excited for me and it was really nice to know that my friends support me with all my decisions. Well let's hope this relationship goes lovingly and not turn into a disturbing mess.

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