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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A two weeks notice turns into a 1 day notice

My friend Patty Bear is moving on tuesday. It started with a simple....."I am moving in two weeks." This two weeks quickly became one and now I only have two days till he leaves. It is hard to soak in this realization its as if he will be coming back in a few days...... its like he is sick and he will just be out for a few days.
He keeps telling me we will get through it together and blah blah, but what will happen if he leaves and we just don't contact each other. I have to tell him I will be o because he worries about me a lot and it is hard to be happy if he just keeps worrying.
I know that sometimes "shit" happens but what does that mean when its someone who is really close to you.
I wonder how well today will go when he comes over.

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