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Thursday, February 24, 2011

There are no IF's

There are no if's in life. Only truths. You can't regret everything that happens. No matter what you think the past won't change. You just have to life today like you want to. Don't regret what you have done. Don't think to far ahead of yourself.
You can't keep telling yourself WHAT IF I did this or WHAT IF I did that........ you can't change the past you can only make the future.

You Can Be Friends......... Maybe

Me and my boyfriend broke up. I should learn to follow my own advice of not dating until I am twenty or something. I didn't really care that he broke up with me. I am stressing about a lot of other things plus I am always really tired all the time; so what ever. He is already screwing people and I find it funny. He is always happier after sex though which is good for him I suppose.
Anyways..... even after we got into a huge fight he agreed to continue to text me. He only has to text me once a month but so far he has texted me back everyday. So as said in the title you can be friends.
I wonder if he really wanted to be friends or if he really just wants me to be happy a little bit. I don't know why he would care at all but who knows........ maybe he is just weird like that.
I like weird.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Excuse Me To Busy Writing Your Tragedies

People have recently told me I am ruining their lives. I personally can not ruin someones life they can only ruin it themselves. When people tell you that you are ruining someone else's life they must be lying because you can not "write their tragedies." People make problems for themselves, you can't make problems for them.
Full story:
So..... I supposedly called my friend a bitch or something when I never did and now she hates me and won't talk to me or read any messages I send her. I don't like people calling her a bitch so why would I call her a bitch unless I was joking, and when I am joking she knows that. Funny thing is she calls me a bitch all the time so I don't get it. Anyways.......... now she has her boyfriend against me and its a huge mess. I don't hate her even though a lot of people think I should. I just want her to realize she is being a bit over dramatic about the whole situation. I apologized more than once and she didn't even reply so I don't know what's gonna happen.