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Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Can Be Friends......... Maybe

Me and my boyfriend broke up. I should learn to follow my own advice of not dating until I am twenty or something. I didn't really care that he broke up with me. I am stressing about a lot of other things plus I am always really tired all the time; so what ever. He is already screwing people and I find it funny. He is always happier after sex though which is good for him I suppose.
Anyways..... even after we got into a huge fight he agreed to continue to text me. He only has to text me once a month but so far he has texted me back everyday. So as said in the title you can be friends.
I wonder if he really wanted to be friends or if he really just wants me to be happy a little bit. I don't know why he would care at all but who knows........ maybe he is just weird like that.
I like weird.

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